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      Recent Press



         Removal of Lee Park Statue Will Kick-Start Two Months of Historical Soul Searching. This morning, the council voted to remove the
            controversial Confederate statute. But what comes next is what really matters
by Peter Simek, September 6, 2017 in D Magazine

                         To this end, the task force should not only seek out historical experts, but also experts in dealing with issues of aesthetic and artistic potency.
                         There are many contemporary artists whose work, writing, and thinking often wrestles with these kinds of issues of meaningful context and
                         potency. Some are active right here in our community – artists like Lauren Woods, Vicki Meek, Rick Lowe, Michael Corris, Cynthia Mulcahy,
                         Carol Zou, Darryl Ratcliff, and others. These are the cultural workers who possess the language and insight to deal with the multifaceted
                         complications that arise when considering how to properly dissolve the potency of propaganda.

         A Better Solution for Dallas' Confederate Statues:
Dallas' Confederate monuments should not be covered up, but confronted, corrected,
             and co-opted
by Peter Simek, August 1, 2017 in D Magazine

         The Secret Garden: Thanks to the efforts of an Oak Cliff artist, a neglected Japanese garden may soon be revived in Kidd Springs Park by
             Eve Hill-Agnus, August 2017 Issue of D Magazine. 

         A community rallies to save a Japanese Garden
by Jeremy Hallock, May 8, 2017 in Arts + Culture Texas

Exploring Art, Censorship and Decolonization Through the Lens of Dallas by Darryl Ratcliff and Carol Zou, April 17, 2017 in D Magazine


The Lost History of Dallas' Negro Parks: Two artists
were commissioned to explore the city’s segregated past. What they found proved a
              bit too stark for the powers that be
. -

           How Dallas is Addressing Cultural Equity in the Arts: Dallas has a new grant program designed to address cultural equity. But first the
              city has to decide what that means. -
by Peter Simek, April 25, 2016 in D Magazine

           How Dallas Won the Right to Tell Its Own History
by Peter Simek, February 19, 2016, in D Magazine

    Dispute over markers for Dallas' 'Negro parks' leads foundation to pull out out of project by Melissa Repko, February 18th, 2016, front page
              lead article in The Dallas Morning News

           Segregated parks gone, but the still divide: Historical Markers for Negro Parks spark dispute over ugly parts of Dallas' past by Melissa
              Repko, February 15, 2016, in The Dallas Morning News

           In Dallas, A Dispute Over How to Remember Segregated Parks: Historical markers are supposed to tell the history of public parks' Jim
             Crow past. But some say their version of history is whitewashed,
by Alain Stephens, broadcast February 19, 2016, on NPR's Texas Standard

           Fight Over Dallas' Racial Past Goes Wide of the Real Target by Jim Schutze, February 23, 2016 in Dallas Observer


           One Artist Is Telling the Story of a Forgotten Japanese Garden in Kidd Springs Park
by Jeremy Hallock, November 2015, in Dallas Observer

           Office of Cultural Affairs Awards Five Artist Grants to Dallas-based Projects
by Lauren Smart, April 2015, in Dallas Observer
              And All the World is Football-Shaped by Christina Rees, March 2015, in Glasstire

                   Some of the most compelling and still-romanticized spaces in Dallas over the last ten
                 or fifteen years were geographical outliers in their time: And/Or, Angstrom, Mulcahy
                 Modern. (They’re closed now, but not due to location. Their owners’ agendas couldn’t
                 be categorized any more than their spaces could.)
- Art Critic Christina Rees


           Dallas' Historic African-American Parks to Receive Public Art Gift by Lucia Simek in Glasstire

Seventeen Hundred Seeds is featured in the newly published MAP The Workbook:  Pages 25-29
           The Dallas Historical Parks Project
in Green Source DFW:  Dallas Historical Parks Project seeks help in documenting history of Dallas' 'Negro Parks'

           Our Top 5 Art Events in Texas for the week of January 9, 2014 in Glasstire



           Engines of War
exhibition at
Klemens Gasser & Tanja Grunert, Inc., March 28 - May 4, 2013:

          Jerry Saltz in New York Magazine: See Engines of War

                    Seen at the tenth anniversary of the Iraq War's first shots, almost every image in this group photography show makes us know
                   in our bones that war is hell, that war unprepared for is worse, and that even today there is no way to get distance on this event.
Art Critic Jerry Saltz in New York Magazine


            Holland Cotter in The New York Times:The photographs in Engines of War offer vantage points on battle, its precedents and its aftermath.

Such perceptual adjustments are expertly managed by the show’s curators, Charles Dee Mitchell and Cynthia Mulcahy, and the
                       compare-and-contrast can be devastatingly effective.
  - Co-chief New York Times Art Critic Holland Cotter

            Desiree Espada in D Magazine: In a Chelsea Photography Show, Two Dallas Curators Investigate the Fog of War

            Sara Rosen on her blog: Engines of War: The Interview

            Peter Simek in
D Magazine: The Art Shows and Exhibitions You Can't Miss in 2013



          Public artwork Seventeen Hundred Seeds 
A collaboration between Robert Hamilton and Cynthia Mulcahy:

   Peter Simek in D Magazine: This Year's Visual Arts: A Look Back at Trends and Names that Shaped 2012.    

         Betsy Lewis in Dallas Observer: Dallas' Best Visual Art of 2012
         Jerome Weeks in Art & Seek: Is Public Art An Oxymoron in Dallas?

         Catherine Anspon in Papercity Magazine: Sunflower City
         Lauren Drewes Daniels in Dallas Observer: Art-Based Sunflower Garden in Oak Cliff Helped Cleanse Soil While Providing a Good Show Too

         Margaret Meehan in Glasstire: Seventeen Hundred Seeds: Cultivating art and community

         Rachel Stone in Advocate Magazine: Farming as art

         Catherine Anspon in Papercity Magazine: Art Notes: Dallas Art News for June 2012
         Glasstire: Glasstire Recommends: Robert Hamilton and Cynthia Mulcahy, Seventeen Hundred Seeds

         Erin Ahlfinger in D Magazine SideDish: Seventeen Hundred Seeds: A Farming as Public Project

         Andrew Plock in Oak Cliff People: Field of sunflowers calms post-beer riot stomach

         Rachel Stone in Oak Cliff Advocate: Photos: Seventeen Hundred Seeds

         Jamie Laughlin in Dallas Observer: Ten Awesome Things to Do This Weekend: May 17 - 20

         Stephen Becker in Art & Seek: Another weekend, another public art project in Oak Cliff

         The ATW Feed: Farming as art

         Peter Simek in D Magazine: From hoedowns to putting the hoe down: farming as art

         Rachel Stone in Advocate Magazine: On West Davis at Van Buren, farming as art

  Public artwork Square Dance: A Community Project  A collaboration between Leila Grothe and Cynthia Mulcahy, November 12,
       2011, at the Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas, TX:

       The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts:  The Idea Fund Announces 2011 Grantees.

       Peter Simek in D Magazine: Two curators team-up for a project meant to bend art definitions for the betterment of community: How a community
                   square dance becomes art.

       Rachel Stone in Advocate Magazine: Square Dance at the Trinity River Audubon Center.
       Teresa Gubbins in Pegasus News: Community art project turns out to be a lot of fun.

       Elizabeth Bair in Dallas Observer: The Master List: The Best Things To Do in Dallas This Weekend, November 11 - 13.

       Jennifer Medina in Dallas Observer: Bow to Your Partner.

       Catherine D. Anspon in Papercity Magazine: Art Notes: Dallas Art News for November 2011.

       Robert Wilonsky in Dallas Observer: Used to Be Everyone Square Danced 'Round These Parts. Now, It's An Art Project.

       Peter Simek inD Magazine:  The Rise of The Artist As Social Activist.

       Rachel Stone in Oak Cliff Advocate Magazine:  Grant money brings square dance to Audubon center.

       XXI: Conflicts in a New Century exhibition
, co-curated by Charles Dee Mitchell and Cynthia Mulcahy at the Oak Cliff
        Cultural Center, and Restrepo screening with Tim Hetherington at the Texas Theatre, Dallas (April - June, 2011).

     Peter Simek in D Magazine:  Late Photographer Tim Hetherington Honored With 'Restrepo' Screening Tonight.

     Sarah Blascovich on Pegasus News:  Free showing of Restrepo will still take place in Dallas on May 11. It's now in honor of Tim Hetherington.
     Leslie Minora in Dallas Observer:  Restrepo Screening Tomorrow Honors Tim Hetherington, Photojournalist Killed in Libya.

      Anne Bothwell on Art&Seek:  Examining The War Photography of Today.

      Dee Mitchell on Art&Seek:   Guest Blog: Capturing Today's Wars in Photos.